Girth Welder also know as 3 O'Clock Welder and Automatic Girth Welder

The AGW is a self-propelled frame designed to apply efficient horizontal seam welds by means of the Submerge Arc Welding (SAW) Process. The AGW rides along the upper edge of a large diameter filed storage tank while applying inside and/or outside welding. Compared with conventional technique, the AGW reduces the contstruction rate 25 times and cuts welding time 2. 

3D Models:

3D Model AGW-1



  • Designed and Engineered in Canada
  • Control Box: Forward/Stop/Reverse & Digital display with variable speed
  • Flux recovery: On/Off
  • Four plugs in 110V, 50/60 HZ, 1P or 220V, 50/60HZ 1P
  • Emergency Stop
  • Motors and Control Box with IP 54 protection against dust and heavy rain 
  • Frequency drive made by TECO Westinghouse or Panasonic 


  • AGW-1: It is compatible with Traditional Tank Construction Method driving hanged on the upper edge of the tank. It is also compatible with Tank Jacking Methoed driving at ground level on a rail outside and around the tank. Conversion time takes about two hours.
  • For LNG Double Wall Tank built with Traditional Methoed use LNG AGW-1. This unit fits on 1.0 m space between inner & outer tanks.
  • For LNG built with Jacks select the AGW-1-C. This unit apply welding inside and outside the tank; fits on 850 mm space driving on a flat bar of 1/2 inch thickness x 4 inch width hanged on bracket support. 

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